Read “Anything By The Fab Four” from the poetry book ‘Just The Night Birds’ out this Friday

“ANYTHING BY THE FAB FOUR” from my poetry book ‘Just The Night Birds’ out this Friday ( to order). The 45 is my Mom’s copy. Read the poem below:


The drug knocked me out And then I changed my country twice Everybody was in love with each other And nobody was in the vice Fires burned for care And peace was the flag hanging high All people were created equal And all my loved ones were still alive

Snow caked around the frames And the warmth was spread around My Father told big jokes The laughter drowned the punchline out Food was tasting better Than I ever knew it could Fell into the arms of my unborn Sister But saw no shadow on the floor boards

And the music was oh so beautiful And my Mother looked oh so strong She sang to her loving family An old teenie bopper song She had it on 45 rpm When she was just a young girl And all her babysitting money Would go to anything by the fab four

The stew was a-cookin’ And we got the guitars tuned enough In the back parlour groovin’ To that good lowdown stuff Poetry mixed into the conversation And excitement running high on the cliff Kicking into speculation Oh, what to do with all of it