Today is a good day, 
I’m able to let you know that we will be releasing a brand new album called Nothing Pressing, March 16th (March 18th physical release) via Latent Recordings/Warner Music Canada/Proper Music.
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We were very fortunate to head back into the studio this past summer with producer, Michael Timmins, to record what is my deepest artistic statement yet. Joining me were Dan Mock (bass/vocals) and Kyle Sullivan (drums/percussion) from my longtime band, The Situation. We also had our friends Tim Bovaconti and Angie Hilts on a couple, including the first single, “Have You Ever Been Happy?”
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We also had a fun time filming a video for the song at Shamrock Bowl here in Toronto. Shot on 16mm film by director, Colin Medley. 
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More about NOTHING PRESSING by Rob Bowman (Grammy Award winning musicologist):
Leger’s previous album, 2020’s surprise, Songs from the Apartment was a stripped-down lo-fi affair recorded in his home using a cheap recorder with an internal microphone. Two songs from the current album, “Underground Blues” and “Sinking In”, were also recorded in Leger’s home, this time using two SM58 microphones fed into his vintage 1981 Tascam 4-track tape recorder.

The remaining nine tracks included on Nothing Pressing present Leger’s work in two starkly contrasting soundscapes. “Nothing Pressing”, “Protector”, and “Still Patience”, are solo acoustic recordings cut live in the studio with little embellishment save Dan Mock’s overdubbed harmony vocals and, on the title track, producer Michael Timmins’ ukulele.

The other six tracks are prime roots rock and roll featuring his long-time band The Situation (drummer Kyle Sullivan and bass player Dan Mock). Among the latter songs, “Kill It With Kindness” and “Have You Ever Been Happy?” have the kind of drive, energy and spirit that are sure to make them highlights of his future live shows. Over the course of the eleven songs on Nothing Pressing, the songwriter’s songwriter engages with questions of existence, mortality, hope, trust, and heartbreak while simultaneously conjuring feelings of isolation, reflection, longing, and gratitude. 

Paired with such evocative lyrics are wonderfully crafted melodies, soulful vocals, and the spirit and energy of a mature songwriter, comfortable in his skin and growing as an artist with every release. Nothing Pressing serves a wonderfully refreshing tonic in troubling times.
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