Read “A Ghost In My Backseat” from the upcoming poetry book ‘Just The Night Birds’

From my upcoming poetry book ‘Just The Night Birds’ (…/just-the-night-birds… pre-order)


Don’t cry in front of these lights We can go somewhere faraway We can steal this poem Just don’t vanish on meI spent the last of my money On a half full tank of gas And a bottle of wine I can’t get open

She’s laying down in the back now With her shoes shivering off her feet Hanging out the windowThe first time I saw her She was being tamed by the throat I saved her from the devil’s insecuritiesI wanted to take care of you I didn’t know you were already gone

I wanted to save you From the price of desire The physical confession of demanding eyes I drove myself to the edge Where I knew you would be lying

So can we stay here on the Cadillac hood Make me feel like we used to Now I know the sky wants you just as bad But please don’t vanish Don’t vanish for a little while