New album STREET ANXIETY by side-project “Hank Holly” for BANDCAMP FRIDAY!

Hey all, 
Happy Bandcamp Friday (when 100% of sales goes to the artist), a good day to support your favourite music. To help celebrate, I’ve released a brand new record from my side-project universe. This is Street Anxiety by “Hank Holly”. I’m very happy with how the sounds and songs turned out on this record. 
Check it out here and please consider purchasing it (download and unlimited streaming):

Street Anxiety is the new offering by the spiritual leader of The Del Fi’s, Hank Holly. Some songs are soundscapes, mini-soundtracks, coffeehouse ramblings and warped records. Recorded in a darkened corner by a window onto my old 80s Tascam 4-track tape recorder, we got into the deep corners of the soul. Hank told me he liked watching the tape move through its plastic body. Seeing that and the VU meters in their window wiper glory, added to the direction these recordings took from original ideas. He also said to me on one of these nights, “strange times but haven’t they always been strange, Leger?” That’s when I fell into the “bright swirl” trance. “If the fish are still swimmin’, then life is still worth livin’.”
I really dug producing Hank Holly again. Our last offering was the trick r treat sound-tape, Halloween Music. That was meant to be played just how you would wanna hear it, blasting between a jack-o-lantern and a waterfall of candy bars into a pillow on Halloween night. Street Anxiety is a collection of songs, some have words, some are instrumental, that have a feeling, rather than a purpose. What the songs all have in common is the need to be released from its own four walls. Now they’re ready to go out walking but they keep on the back roads and stay close to home. At the moment, I don’t blame them and it makes me feel good to be within their friend circle. Now you are too. I hope you find some cautious comfort in this album, as I do.

“Good, understood, say goodbye.”

– Jerry Leger, producer, Sept, 2021

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