DAY 2 “Thoughts On The Albums” : ‘FAREWELL GHOST TOWN

Day 2 “Thoughts On The Albums” : ‘FAREWELL GHOST TOWN’ (2006)
Produced by Don Kerr and Tim Bovaconti, recorded at The Gas Station on Toronto Island and fueled by Guinness. This was a lot of fun to make and it’s a favourite of mine, long out of print but I’m hoping to issue it on vinyl at some point. It’s more musically focused than the first album, a roots record, bit of rock ‘n’ roll-folk-country-blues-rockabilly. Every record from that point on would be a combination or leaning towards one of those styles. I played more acoustic and we added some country tinges (beautiful pedal steel by Tim who also played guitar and omnichord on the record, further bringing a certain sound) to songs like “See My Baby Run” and “Love Is Meant To Be Blue.” For me, I’d be happy to write those songs now or ones like “Old Shoes On My Feet” and “Too Broke To Die” (inspired by an infomercial for having a cheap funeral). The writing was maturing, though I still hadn’t quite found my voice.

We had guests on it such as Ron Sexsmith and Fergus Hambleton. I met Fergus through Tim while Ron I met a few times when I worked at a hardware store, but I got to know him more through Tim and Don who were in his band. I wanted to make another record with Tim and after hearing the beautiful album ‘Sexsmith & Kerr – Destination Unknown’ produced by Don, I decided I wanted Don involved too. We’d record from morning til Don and Tim were tired then we’d walk around the island, sneaking into the amusement park Centreville and walking through the hedge maze. I started to find my identity on this album of how I wanted to represent myself as an artist. Sexsmith’s career and songwriting was becoming a real influence on me. I felt like I was carrying a torch. It was also amazing that Ron became a fan and supporter after Tim had brought my 1st album while on the road with him, and Ron thought I had something.

With this album we would make our television debut (and I think only live TV appearance) on the Ed The Sock show performing “Cutting Heads.” We also filmed “On Your Own” which never aired. I only saw the original broadcast, does anyone have a copy?

‘Farewell Ghost Town’ is currently available as a download on Bandcamp, which will be waiving their share of revenue June 5th. Consider buying it on that day if you don’t have it already. Stream and listen now: