Hey gang, 
Hope you are keeping well and safe during these crazy and sad times.
Tomorrow (Fri June 5th) Bandcamp will again be waiving their revenue share of sales on music and merch, so it’s a good day to support artists that you dig. To coincide with this I will be adding the previously European-only compilation Too Broke To Die: A Retrospective 2005-2019 as a download. I will also be adding some bonus tracks to the 1st album, Jerry Leger & The Situation download, which turns 15 June 8th. The download of the entire album + bonus tracks come with the CD too. Both additions to the Bandcamp store will be available at special prices tomorrow only. 

Also added to the store are Time Out For Tomorrow baseball tees. With the purchase of a tee, you’ll also get a free download of Too Broke To Die: A Retrospective 2005-2019.
Music from my side-projects, The Del Fi’s and The Bop Fi’s will too be discounted tomorrow:

Check out the store tomorrow, we have Vinyl, CDs, downloads and shirts available. Also consider purchasing other artists music and merch as well, if you can.