“You’re invited inside the apartment and mind of Jerry Leger. A film of blurred reality, music and poetry.” This week we announced my film The Apartment Show He Never Gave which will exclusively be available to stream for ‘Fan Club’ members (email subscribers). Sign up if you haven’t already: and you will receive a link to watch the movie in the June 10th newsletter. This link will be active until 11pm ET June 15th. 
Watch the new trailer to get a taste of what to expect:

Also, the soundtrack will be released digitally June 18th in my Bandcamp store. I recorded the audio (film & soundtrack) straight to tape on a 1981 Tascam 244 4-track recorder and then ran it through an echoplex effect. I think it fits nicely with the visuals. The film’s title is a nod to the Canadian-made movie ‘Hank Williams: The Show He Never Gave’, which I grew up on. I still have my Grandfather’s VHS copy.

Movie poster design: Brittany Brooks
A Golden Rocket Production in association with Jerry Leger Music
Filmed by Laura Proctor with Hank Holly
Produced and edited by Hank Holly
All songs and poetry written by Jerry Leger
Special thanks to Daniel Demois for the poster tagline
and Roy Buchan for gifting the Tascam 4-track