‘THE TIME FLEW BY’ EP ANNOUNCED! 3 of 3 EPs this year + Brand new Video: “And The Time Flew By”

I’m happy to announce the third and final digital-only EP for this year from myself and Latent Recordings. The Time Flew By will be released April 28th and features an outtake from each album I’ve made on Latent with producer, Michael Timmins of Cowboy Junkies. These are top shelf songs; they weren’t left off the albums because of their quality. Deciding which tracks make up an album can be very difficult and tricky. You have to take into account flow and cohesion. Sometimes the best songs are the ones that don’t make the final cut.

About the video: The video for “And The Time Flew By” was filmed & recorded live off the floor by Mitch Fillion (known for his work under the name Southern Souls) at my local beer joint, Eulalie’s Corner Store.  

About the song: “And The Time Flew By”– We tried this for 2019’s Time Out For Tomorrow but it didn’t seem to live in that world of songs. It always felt special to me though, so I kept it in the back of my mind. The title came from a repeated phrase in a Kurt Vonnegut book I was reading. It sort of became a cross between Tom Waits’ “Martha” and an old country-gospel end-of-life kind of song.

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Watch “And The Time Flew By”: https://youtu.be/KVL4Iba7W-E