Wow, thanks to everyone who came out to see us in Germany, Sweden, Norway, The Netherlands, England, Scotland and Spain. We feel truly grateful and can’t wait to come back. 

Here’s some reviews of the shows:

Krxsset show review – Oslo, Norway (April 21)
“This is a report from a fan of Jerry Leger who finally got to experience one of his great songwriting heroes live again! …had this been the only song (“John Lewis”) Jerry sang that night, it would still have been worth the entrance ticket and the trip to Oslo city center. But it was not, and the evening was not over.”

Music Star show review – Norderstedt, Germany (April 26)
“When Jerry Leger returns to Germany, please make a pilgrimage to his concerts.”

Der Aa-Theater show review – Groningen, Netherlands (April 29)

“It turned out to be such an inescapably catchy performance, the whole hall was in motion with the uptempo songs or hung on Leger’s lips in the more sensitive and calmer songs. The audience is drawn further and further into the show, without really having to put in any effort.”

The Chapel show review – Nottingham, England (May 6)
“His (Jerry Leger) star continues to rise slowly. His live show proves the point. An hour of impassioned country rocking tunes, alternating with intense, almost Tom Verlaine (ish) guitar solos, his band are sublime. Just bass, drums and keyboards but filling the sound out beautifully. I urge you to check him out, you won’t regret it.”

Broadcast show review – Glasgow, Scotland (May 7)
“Leger is a force to be considered with. He looks cool, he sings brilliantly, the band are on fire and he has the songs to back all this up.”

Loco Club show reviews – Valencia, Spain (May 11)

“Impeccable execution of the instrumental performance of the four musicians on stage…almost as an intermission, the band The Situation left the scene to leave Jerry Leger alone with his acoustic guitar…playing before a silent audience, hypnotized.”

“Discovering new artists who have something to count on, melodies that even if you listen to them for the first time, you feel that they are already part of you, is not easy at all. Jerry Leger gets it. The wonderful melodies of his songs, together with the elaborate lyrics that accompany them, show us the energy and spirit of a mature composer who has grown as an artist, offering us a well-designed work full of experiences, reflections, longing and gratitude.”

Fun House show review – Madrid, Spain (May 14)

“Jerry Leger is one of those whom fans would define as authentic and who, furthermore, came accompanied by three other guys who gave the concert absolute solvency.”

Now that we’re back home in Toronto, we cannot wait for our rescheduled album release show at Paradise on Bloor, Tuesday, May 31st. All previous tickets sold will be honoured for the new date. 
If you’re in town, we hope you can celebrate the record Nothing Pressing with us. 
Tickets available here:

I’m also excited about some acoustic duo shows I have happening this June in Ontario. Dan Mock will be joining me on upright bass and backing vocals. 
Sadly, we had to cancel our Eastern Canadian run due to unforeseen circumstances. We were really looking forward to heading back there but it just wasn’t in the cards this time around. 

We hope to see you out at one of these intimate shows if you’re in the Hamilton, Bracebridge, Trenton and Ottawa areas