Hey folks, 
hope you’re all staying safe and well during these odd times. Since I’ve been in self-isolation I released a surprise album (Songs From The Apartment), been writing, reading, watching old horror movies and playing some online shows. You may have caught some of them on Facebook and Instagram or live from my apartment exclusives such as AmericanaUK’s “mini-gig” series. Well, Rolling Stone Magazine in Germany has also started doing a web series (like their American counterpart with their “In My Room” series) called “At Home” and they asked me to take part. I filmed 4 songs from here in my Toronto apartment and it’ll be published on Rolling Stone’s website May 8th beginning at 1pm EDT with Rufus Wainwright, Frank Spilker and then your truly. Also part of the series are such notables as Lucinda Williams (one of my favourites) and Jonathan Wilson. More info in the coming days but it’ll be available on their website from that point on:

In other news, Bandcamp will be waiving their revenue share again this Friday (May 1st) from midnight-midnight PDT. This would be a good day to support artists such as myself since all of the money will go directly to us from sales of downloads, CDs, Vinyl and other merch. 9 of my releases are available in my Bandcamp store including the March 20th surprise release Songs From The Apartment. Go check it out to see if you’re missing anything in your collection or you would like to purchase for a friend. Unfortunately my two album Nonsense and Heartache and the recently released Time Out For Tomorrow cannot be sold through my Bandcamp under contractual agreements but you can still seek them out from my website MERCH page. 
Browse around my Bandcamp store and remember from midnight-midnight PDT May 1st Bandcamp will not take a cut of the sales:

Stay safe and healthy! 
Thank you all for the love and support.