Read “In The Summer Twilight” from the upcoming book ‘Just The Night Birds’ out Oct 2nd

My first book of poetry Just The Night Birds will be out Friday October 2nd. (pre-order a signed copy from my Bandcamp store:

Read the poem “In The Summer Twilight”


In the summer twilight  That’s where I wanna stay  Walking at night  Along the side streets  Trees whispering my name

A litter of bad ideas  And a litre of rum  This is my new summer  Now that the good times have gone

Somebody must have dreamed you up  A satin wish on the spinning world  Give me a reason to leave  Be rescued within your twirl

She was a silent era piano player  I’d always sit in the right side aisle  Head tilted up to the bronze coloured tiles  Eyes closed Gliding on the trickles