“On Your Own” live from the apartment

“On Your Own” from my 2nd album ‘Farewell Ghost Town’ (2006) has been floating around in my head lately. Eerie to have some of these words that I wrote when I was 20 or 21 be so relevant during these times. Here’s a clip of me from the apartment playing it today, a rainy Sunday afternoon. I’ve fallen in love with this song again, haven’t played it in years and years. You can watch it here: https://youtu.be/rB3yUyRkvX4

‘Farewell Ghost Town’ was produced by Don Kerr and Tim Bovaconti, recorded mostly on Toronto Island at The Gas Station and a little bit at Don’s home studio The Rooster. It’s been long out of print but is available digitally and on streaming platforms. Would love to re-release it on vinyl someday. I have real fond memories making this album and starting to find my identity as an artist. It’s one of my favourite albums I’ve made and after revisiting it I think it’s aging quite nicely.
Featuring Kyle Sullivan on drums and original Situation Corey Stinson on bass. Besides Don and Tim contributing we also had guests such as Ron Sexsmith and Fergus Hambleton.