DAY 11 “Thoughts On The Albums” ‘TIME OUT FOR TOMORROW’ (NOV, 2019) & ‘SONGS FROM THE APARTMENT’ (MAR, 2020).

These are my latest albums, I’m not gonna talk too much about them since they’re still fairly new. ‘Time Out For Tomorrow’ is my recent major release, another one produced by Michael Timmins out on Cowboy Junkies label, Latent Recordings/Warner/Redeye/Proper. It’s the one we would have been touring the world with, which we will resume when things are unpaused and safe.

‘Songs From The Apartment’ is just what it is. A surprise isolation digital-only album, solo and the most relaxed I’ve ever sounded on a release. This is because they are mostly forgotten home recordings between 2013-2019. I never thought anyone would hear except myself or Timmins.

Thank you to all of those who have listened and supported these latest albums from me. Please share and introduce this music to those you think would dig it. Much love to you all during these sad and crazy times (times that haven’t changed and need to change). As Neil Young once sang, “it’s gonna take a lotta love to change the way things are.” I believe that there’s a lot of love and we’re all in this world together.

‘Time Out For Tomorrow’ :

‘Songs From The Apartment’:…/songs-from-the-apartment