DANFORTH MUSIC HALL DEC 23rd in Toronto w/ SKYDIGGERS + new novel ‘THE MAN FROM MITTELWERK’ with characters inspired by Jerry Leger and the side project, THE DEL FI’S

Hey folks, 
Hope you are all keeping well. We’re very excited to finally announce that we’ll be playing with our good friends Skydiggers at Danforth Music Hall in Toronto, Friday, December 23rd. 
Tickets are going fast, grab ’em here: https://www.ticketmaster.ca/event/10005B55E8A82845

In other news…
There’s a great new “noir detective fiction with post-WWII history” book called ‘The Man From Mittelwerk’ written by M. Z. Urlocker (twin brothers Michael & Zach) out now. It was very neat to read a fictionalized version of our side project, The Del Fi’s and myself as characters in this novel.

I remember a few years ago, they had mentioned that a few tunes from my 2017 double album Nonsense and Heartache had acted as some inspiration for a book they were working on. As a companion to the novel, they have created a Spotify playlist, which includes these songs. 
Check it out here: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0cRXmtm8KVUFyBQh0cFv5U?si=1c7582b88d834c0f

‘The Man From Mittelwerk’ is available via Audible, Chapters, selected local book stores and Amazon: https://amzn.to/3L5qCff

Book description:
1950. The Cold War simmers, and ex-GI Jack Waters is called in to investigate a fatal accident at a research lab in California.
When Waters recognizes the victim, he realizes he must revisit his hidden past in World War II to solve a murder and prevent Nazi scientists from creating a terrible, new weapon in America.
Blending noir detective fiction with post-WWII history, The Man from Mittelwerk builds from the facts of Operation Paperclip, the U.S. government’s secret recruitment of 1,600 top Nazi scientists, to pose a dark what-if scenario.