The new album ‘Nothing Pressing’ and single/video for “Kill It With Kindness” is officially out today (CD/Vinyl this Friday) on Latent Recordings/Warner Music/Proper Music. I’ve described this record as a work about mental, emotional and physical survival but it also has a lot of joy. I feel very lucky to have made it.

I could not have made this record without Dan Mock, Kyle Sullivan, our friends Tim Bovaconti, Angie Hilts and of course our producer/label head, Michael Timmins. We felt so fortunate to be able to make this. It’s my most personal album yet but one that I think we can all relate to in different ways.

I also want to thank Peter Moore, Eek Productions, Jonny Desilva for the fantastic design, Roy Buchan for gifting the old 4-track that resulted in the recordings of “Underground Blues” and “Sinking In”.

Most of all I want to thank my family, friends, fans and the lovely Laura, who not only took the wonderful photos but also has loved, supported and gotten me through. The song “With Only You” is for her.

I’m excited for you all to finally hear ‘Nothing Pressing’ and watch this amazing Laserium inspired video created by Brittany Brooks.

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