8/10 in Uncut Mag for ‘Donlands’ + Bandcamp album listening party Oct 17 + Greenbank, ON solo show tonight (Oct 14)

Hey folks, 
The first words spoken on Donlands have appeared in a great review from one of my all time favourite magazines, Uncut out of the UK. Many thanks to Terry for digging into the album. 
“Heartache has rarely sounded so haunting.” Pre-order/save Donlands: https://eek.lnk.to/Donlands

Join me for an online listening party from my Bandcamp this coming Tuesday, October 17th, 7pm (EDT). We’ll listen to Donlands ahead of its October 27th release from start to finish. There will be a chat box, if you wanna ask any questions or simply react to what you’re hearing. It’s a special album and I’m excited to give you a sneak peak. 
RSVP here: https://jerryleger.bandcamp.com/merch/donlands-listening-party

The band and I are heading over to Europe for some festival and show dates next week but I have one more show, tonight (Oct 14) in Greenbank, ON, opening solo for Chris Coole and John Showman at Greenbank Folk Society, 8pm. Check out the TOUR page for a full list of upcoming dates, including big release shows in Hamilton and Toronto, ON.